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Why the Mentality Spa?

Mentality is a way of thinking.  


The way a person thinks affects their beliefs, their beliefs affect their perceptions, their perceptions affect their decisions, their decisions affect their behaviors, and their behaviors affect their mental wellness.


Spa is a mineral spring considered to have health-giving properties.


Therapy has health-giving properties.


The word spa is often connected to relaxation, peace, and calm, and sometimes, oasis.    


Health is a state of positive well-being.  Wellness is an integration of mind, body, and spirit resulting in positive well-being.


The Mentality Spa offers a place that is focused on providing holistic therapy to encourage health and wellness.  We want you to feel that same peace and think of us as an oasis for your well-being.

Our Philosophy


At The Mentality Spa we strive to be the premier provider of mental health wellness by taking a holistic approach to ensure you reach your maximum positive well-being. 

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