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“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” ~ Aristotle

All of your parts must work together in order to achieve positive
well-being.  A whole, healthy you.


The Mentality Spa incorporates the Indivisible Self model in therapy in order to promote optimum health and wellness customized for you.


The Indivisible Self is a wellness model made up of five factors:


  • The Essential Self - spirituality, self-care, gender identity, cultural identity

  • The Social Self - friendship, love

  • The Creative Self - thinking, emotions, control, positive humor, work

  • The Physical Self - exercise, nutrition

  • The Coping Self - realistic beliefs, stress management, self-worth, leisure


If one of these factors is out of sync with the others, your overall well-being and wellness will feel threatened, negatively affecting your mentality.  


Our goal of using the wellness model is to improve overall state of well-being through exploration of each of these five factors using assessment and continued evaluation of progress.   

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