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Laundry Day

Don't know what it is but checks and balances are so important when trying to run something whether it's a house, organization, or a government. What do I mean? Well, without getting too professional or political, I'll just stick to what I know and talk about relationships. Especially marriage. One of you may be good with budgeting money, while the other seriously needs to sign up for Shopaholics Anonymous. One of you may be able to pass a white-glove test. The other does not seem to notice the waste baskets or has yet to realize there is in fact at least a dishwasher in the home. Get my drift? That's where the balancing act comes in at full force. Where one partner is not so great or seems to misplace urgency on an area while the other is nearly OCD about it, truth be told, it's a compliment. Just because you are good at something or care about something to the point where you find you are near tears in frustration out of wondering why the heck they don't care to the same extent, think of those things that they DO care about that you pretty much piss on. See how that double standard can be blinding? A good idea is to come to a truce with the understanding that you are you and I am me. A lot of what I go crazy about dates back to my formative, impressionable childhood years but I'll keep it simple and choose to care about this so I will make sure it's handled. Meanwhile, you care about that so much so we we'll put you in charge of making sure that's done. Need more specifics? Ok. I'll get personal. My department is making sure the clothes are folded and put up. My hubby's is sorting and washing. Although we have this on-going, intense yet friendly debate about which is worse, we know our roles in the process. Imagine that. Laundry day at its finest. And guess what? It gets done every week too. Complaints, debates, and all. I mean, we have to cohabitate for a very long time as life partners. I can't stress enough how the smallest things can make it the best time of your life. Realizing the common ground is that we both hate doing laundry but we need clothes to wear!

Peace of Mind and Blessings,

Mel K

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