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Polish Removed

I love painted nails, hands and feet. They are pretty. I get my nails done religiously while trying out different colors every time because I like trying out new things. No I don't pick one bright summer color or a steady fall color to wear for months. Yawn. Now as far as my toes go, they get done but not as much.

As a matter of fact, I think I got a pedicure maybe two months ago and that was because I was going out of town.

When I do decide to get them done, it may not include a pedicure but simply getting them painted (a different color from my nails, yes, I am all over the place in color....something I learned from my kids.... because it's fun). Let's just say the hands may not match the feet but they will "coordinate".

During the fall/winter months, because those puppies are covered up 90% of the time, I let them "breathe" by giving them a break from the polish. I sometimes like to see if my actual toe nail is looking good without the fluff. Yes, I also do this for the nails on my hands but not as often. I'm working on that. I mean...I get gotta soak them then scrape it's messy.... Plus, I like pretty nails on my hands...with the wedding ring and's presentable....don't judge me.....I said I'm working on it!

So let me ask, do you have anything or anyone you can't seem to get enough of or, for a lack of a better term, let go of?

Isn't there an expression that says too much of something can't be good? Or something along those lines?

Nothing should have a hold on you to where you are incapable of letting it go. Nothing or noone, should I add. Something I learned the hard way but one of my best life lessons. I had one of those "who have I become" epiphany moments where I no longer recognized myself. Now that I think about it harder, that's not a good place to be in. Yes, things happen and yes, you will change. But don't lose control. Make sense? Let me keep typing.

I get it. They make you feel good on some level that is intoxicating. Blindly intoxicating. But is it a holistically good feeling or more of a limited version of what you think is holistic? Because you don't have other choices?

When you hold onto something or someone for the sake of avoiding exposure to whatever it is you don't want exposed, you lose yourself somewhere in that unhealthy attachment. Your personality changes, you feel it's a need, you are pressured, you can't focus or enjoy daily tasks because of that attachment to keeping things "pretty". Kind of like getting your nails painted without letting them "breathe". They turn yellow and your nails don't seem as thick and healthy because they go through rigorous filing and being probed every two weeks then suffocated under layer upon layer of enamel. And the polish just keeps being replaced by more polish until you no longer recognize your nails.

Let yourself breathe. Let them breathe. Recognize you. Enjoy you. Breathe some more. Fresh air is good. Refreshing.

Only you have the power to change you and to control your actions. That power should not be handed over to another. So when a relationship with something becomes an unhealthy burden, meaning something you feel you must do or must have, like while everything else in your life of significance is neglected, maybe you need to remove the polish so you can see what's underneath. And breathe. It will be okay.

Yes, these are my actual feet.

Peace of Mind and Blessings,

Mel K

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