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Sorry to disappoint but this is about kissing. For shame to those who thought otherwise!

How often do you kiss?

Or did you forget that kissing should be a part of the relationship and find yourself wondering right now when exactly was the last time?

I'm not talking about the dry, tight lipped peck on the lips or cheek that you may give to a fairly close relative or friend. I'm talking deep passionate, tongue, a bonafide spit swap meet.

Can you remember?

If not, keep reading. If you can, keep reading too. You will want another. Soon.

Kissing is igniting. I am not certain why that is and I'm sure there are scientific reasons that I did not research for this but try it then you will see. Don't rush it either. Take your time as if you were trying to learn their mouth from their lips to teeth to tongue. Explore to your hearts desire. Slowly.

Kiss until you lose track of time and space. Until you have no choice but to take it to the next level, right where you are. (So make sure the kids are not around) And you know what I mean about next level.

Include your hands too. Touch. That's it. Kissing is about touching. With your mouth first, then use hands to touch the jaw to feel the muscles as you are kissed back.

The experience is intoxicating. Better than any form of substance you will ever consume. It's all natural too and very good for you in so many ways! You will forget any thoughts you had, especially the stressful ones. You will find yourself extremely excited and overwhelmingly euphoric all at once.

Go wherever the kiss leads you.

Don't think, just do. You will be glad you did and find yourself smiling randomly whenever that kiss comes to mind.

Kissing is connecting. If you feel disconnected from your partner, ask yourself when was the last time you shared a passionate kiss?

Peace of Mind and Blessings,

Mel K

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